IBM is here, investing $5 billion in the next five years to deploy the Internet of Things

It is reported that IBM will invest 5 billion US dollars in the next five years to deploy and develop the Internet of Things system on a global scale. Another data is from Reuters, IBM said recently that it will invest $3 billion in the next four years to sell the company's expertise in massive real-time data collection and analysis.

Whether it is 5 billion or 3 billion, this will be another big boost for the Internet of Things industry. With the influence of the giants, the Internet of Things will continue to waver.

Bob Piciano, senior vice president of IBM's Analytical Business, said that connected sensors and related devices (the Internet of Things) have increased awareness of the world, but these insights are often not fully utilized. IBM will enable customers and industry partners to leverage IoT data design solutions, which is an investment focus.

IBM's Stephen Hamm also said in his blog: "For IBM, this is not a temporary rise. This means real achievements and opportunities. We have completed thousands of 'smart planets' with our customers. 'Project, which involves smart grid, smart city command center, and smart water management. Today, we will set up a new business unit to expand this work."

We know that under the impetus of cloud computing, the Internet of Things and social media, the demand for data processing capabilities in modern society is increasing. At present, the new generation of information and communication technology (ICT) represented by mobile Internet, Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, etc. is active and developing rapidly, and is launching a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation on a global scale. Through continuous integration with other ICT technologies, the Internet of Things is accelerating penetration with other areas such as manufacturing technology, new energy, and new materials.

According to IBM estimates, 90% of all data generated by various connected devices such as smartphones, tablets, vehicles, and electrical appliances have not been analyzed and utilized, and 60% of data has been lost within a few milliseconds after generation. value.

To address these challenges, IBM will create an open platform for the IoT cloud and launch data analytics services for enterprise customers from different industries to design their own IoT solutions and provide platform services for developers. In addition, the IoT ecosystem will be established in a wide range of related fields, including hardware, data, and solutions.

IBM has partnered with a number of large companies, such as the German tire manufacturer Continental and jet engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney, to help them use the data in the process.

At the end of last year, IBM also reached a cooperation agreement with Twitter. IBM is currently developing Internet of Things technology. Through such technology, refrigerators, breadmakers and cars can be connected to each other to provide data to users and make their lives easier.

Joel Cawley, vice president of data analysis at IBM, said: "IBM and The Weather will collaborate globally to bring real-time weather analysis information to companies to help them make better decisions. We will integrate IBM's industry-leading big data and analytics capabilities, and The Weather's scientific expertise and cloud-based weather data publishing system. The two companies will target a range of industries, including retail, insurance, energy, utilities and logistics. Develop new real-time information services."

"We are busy integrating Twitter data into a range of cloud computing services, including Watson's data analytics service," said Cowley. "This service brings visibility and predictive capabilities to business users through mobile devices. In the next few days, we will be Launch a test project on the Bluemix platform to help developers integrate Twitter data streams into their applications. Together with The Weather, we will jointly develop services for industries such as banking, consumer packaged goods, retail, media and entertainment. .

In recent years, with the strong support of national policies and the continuous efforts of enterprises in the industry, the Chinese Internet of Things industry continues to develop well. Significant progress has been made in technology research and development, the standard system has been continuously improved, and market-oriented applications have been steadily advanced. At the same time, the Internet of Things industry also plays an important role in industrial upgrading, energy conservation and emission reduction, and employment. China has formed a basic and complete IoT industrial system, and the market in some areas is considerable.

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