LED display maintenance knowledge

LED display will cause various faults due to pollution, looseness, vibration, heat, environmental temperature changes and other factors, affecting the normal use of LED display, and even cause serious accidents. Therefore, regular maintenance of the LED display is essential. So what is the main mai ...more

Industrial robot loading and unloading

Industrial robots in the loading and unloading industry In the modern manufacturing industry, high precision, stable quality, and high speed of batch processing are required. It is difficult to increase the level of manufacturing and processing by manual operations. Robots are used f ...more

World's largest TV competition, LeTV uMax120 fifth …

On October 27th, LeTV launched the world's first 3D, 4K Internet smart TV uMax120 at the killer new product launch conference. The 120-inch 3D 4k large screen is priced at 499,000 yuan. All of a sudden shocked everyone, just like Jia Yueting's wish, music as a result ...more

New energy vehicle ten-year development roadmap

Recently, it was learned from the National Manufacturing Powerful Country Construction Strategy Advisory Committee that the road map for the development of the new energy automobile industry in the next decade has been drawn. The reporter obtained the details of the new energy ...more

Implementation of a smart car navigation system with ph…

The birth of the smart car provides a new means of transportation for people to alleviate urban traffic congestion and improve vehicle safety. Among the many smart car navigation solutions, visual navigation is one of the hotspots of smart car research because it is the closes ...more

TI's new Sitara AM57x processor addresses the deman…

The development of modern industry is not only reflected in industrial automation, real-time control, low-power, multi-standard industrial control network interconnection, industrial human-machine interface optimization, 2D/3D graphics processing, 1080 HD HD video applications ...more

Internet + Internet of Things =?

“Traditional manufacturing and Internet companies are not just the difference between hardware and software, but the difference between business models.” For this “strong combination”, Wu Jidan’s interpretation of Wu Jidan’s chairman is to ...more