Smart Grid City Life Smarter

Smart Grid City Life Smarter

With the continuous improvement and improvement of urban functions and the improvement of the quality of life of residents, higher requirements have been put forward for the power grid to ensure the normal operation of urban functions and to make energy quality cleaner and environmentally friendly. Against this backdrop, the State Grid Corporation of China recently deployed relevant plans. It plans to carry out 6 categories of 41 smart grid innovation demonstration projects this year, including support for new energy development projects, support for distributed power supply application projects, and promotion of convenient electricity use projects. Promote electric vehicle development projects, serve smart city construction projects, and upgrade smart grid engineering.

As we all know, smart grid is a large-scale system project involving multi-field, cross-industry and even social change of concept, covering the entire process of power grid construction, operation and management, and will promote the development of new materials, power electronic components, battery manufacturing, and new energy. The innovative development of upstream and downstream industries, such as power generation, steel manufacturing, communication equipment, and smart home appliances, echoes the development of smart living, and is one of the core foundations for the construction of smart cities, which can effectively ensure the safe and reliable supply of urban energy. Moreover, with the urgent need to prevent air pollution, smart grids will effectively support the clean development of cities.

For example, smart grids can accommodate and adapt to distributed power grids and promote the development of electric vehicles. They can achieve clean alternatives on the power generation side and replace electricity on the electricity side, increase the proportion of clean energy in the urban energy consumption system, and reduce carbon dioxide and dust. Emissions. At the same time, compared with foreign countries, China’s smart grid has its own characteristics. It is a strong integration of strong grids and intelligent technologies. It also uses UHV power grids as backbone grids and coordinated development of all levels of grids, with information and automation. The interactive features can be constructed through smart grid dispatching control systems and other projects, and the clean energy away from the city will be continuously delivered to the city.

More importantly, the smart grid will effectively support the efficient use of urban resources and the friendly interaction of social services. For example, in China's Shanghai and Shenyang, several smart communities and “smart homes” have been built. The optical fiber is laid along with low-voltage power lines and realized on a meter-to-home basis. It also cooperates with passive optical network technology to carry power consumption information and intelligence. The use of two-way electricity exchanges, "three networks integration" and other businesses, reducing the repeated construction, so that people realize the "washing and cooking at the remote control of the home at home," and other colorful smart life. It can be foreseen that, with the further development of the smart grid, intelligent mobile devices, smart appliances, and smart homes will be organized to comprehensively allocate resources such as energy, industry, and information to serve the city's overall development.

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