Clever bulb for the spectrometer dial

Qiao 3 experimental actinic twisted holographic dry plate has been clever, fixed, and dry shield, using photographic light to reproduce the hologram, you can see the reproduction of the camera is very clear. In the different positions between the edge of the paper cone and the center, it is advisable to add a few vibrating ridges and shapes to find the clever and delicate lines. Clever figure 4 shows. Change the size or frequency of the input code 6. The vibration mode will change.

4 冉 冉 冉 冉 冉 冉 冉 冉 冉 巧 巧 巧 巧Introduction to Fu Ni Ye Chemical. The dexterity: skillfully learning skillfully. Qiao Liqiao chemical skill training. Huajing: Huajing Shiqiao University Press, 1984 Ma Qiaosheng, animal skill. The university is smart. Shang Qiao: East China Shijie University Press, 1998, Qiao Fu Du Xiqiao, his voice is clever and its application is smart: Lieutenant movie Qiao, 1980 Wang Miaoqiao. It’s clever and clever. Huajing, the people's postal and telecommunications make a fuss for the lighting of the spectrometer, the lighting of the disc, the commemorative medium of the vaporization industry, the ten-media city of the 402 spectrometer in the experiment, the continuous power-on time is long, under the Wei Qiaozi The custom-made tax-shaped lighting robes often burn out, and it is difficult to find spare parts. We found that the 63V small electric clever of Puqiao, the clever electric skin and the spectrometer made a very light bulb, and the two poles at its end became Both ends, and the spacing is much larger than the length of the blistering bubble to be replaced. After the weeping treatment, the small sauce is a good substitute for the olive-shaped bulb. The specific treatment method teaches: the length of the bare wire that is about 1 to the length of 1.01.51 is tightly wound around the tail of the electric stern, and the glass 覃 of the other end is bent into an arc to the center. And bent into a small pointed point at this place, such as the skill of the 1 after the replacement of the replacement of the small electric skill after processing, with the lighting effect of the original olive-shaped fat bubble almost no difference. The argument is very clever.


Speakers with working frequency response range from 20~150Hz are called full range speakers.



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