Why LED store closed down

Why LED store closed down

If we do not stand on the customer's point of view, we must seriously build up the nature of retail business oriented to customer needs and re-examine the various internal defects and deficiencies in the stores. In the Internet era, we will bring physical stores to a dead end.

First, the physical store business is difficult to do "six major crux"

1, only to see how people do, regardless of who I am

Chinese people have a habit of enjoying watching what others do. In recent years, the decoration and layout of the industry's stores are highly "likely" and this is the reason.

We have been advocating and emphasizing every day for the past 10 years: Each store must be guided by the customer needs of the business district! Who is the shop's customer? What are their spending habits and purchasing preferences? What is the customer's ticket structure and return cycle? And so on, these need to be understood, rather than always looking at other people's stores.

Have you seen the decoration of Watson's store is the same? Is it different from other stores? Many of our local retail stores are actually still in the stage of tangling stones, so don’t look at what others do and how they do it, and finally lose yourself.

2, only consider what kind of goods you want to sell, regardless of who the customer is

I believe that most retail stores have one thing in common: no matter who enters the store, they only want to push the products they want to sell.

why? Of course, it is because we only consider our own interests. This is also the most serious misunderstanding and crux of the store! In particular, since the beginning of this year, the operating costs of retail stores have been under greater pressure, and the phenomenon of only trying to sell the goods that they want to push the most has been intensified.

Only consider yourself, do not consider the feelings of customers, and ignore and disrespect the true needs of customers. How far do you think this one-way business philosophy can be thought?

3, only consider the customer unit price, regardless of the number of baskets

What is the customer unit price and the number of baskets? If your average customer price is 50 yuan, then there are one or two commodities in the ticket, or more than three commodities. The meaning is completely different.

The higher the unit price, the lower the number of baskets, which means that there is a high proportion of sales of products with profits and customers. The proportion of goods and basic items that can cultivate popularity is too low. It also shows that the clerk is pushing the products they want to sell. .

The lower the unit price and the higher the number of baskets, the higher the proportion of popular products and hot items. Of course, most of the existing problems in retail stores are the former.

4, only consider the gross margin of goods, regardless of the product's "flow rate"

Some famous products or popular products that are hot to sell may have low gross profit but high turnover.

Take liquor as an example. If it is a gross margin of 10 points (low to die), is the margin space very small? However, if it is said that it can be transferred once a month and it can be transferred 12 times a year, taking the principal amount of 10,000 yuan as an example, it means that one month can earn a gross profit of 1,000 yuan, and it can be turned around 12 times a year. It generated gross profit of 12,000 yuan, and its annual gross profit is 120%!

At the same time, what's more important is that this 10,000 yuan turnover is 12 times a year. It also means that you have brought a lot of attention, mainstream customer flow and popularity. In addition, for some of our own profitable products, we must dare to take out gross margins for activities to increase its turnover rate and commodity turnover rate.

However, in the actual business process, physical stores only recognize death in this respect. Therefore, the category structure is irrational.

5, only consider the promotion method, do not consider the store's "entering rate"

Nowadays, the competition is becoming more and more intense. So many shopkeepers ponder every day to see how the other party is doing what they do, but they neglect to do activities in order to increase the store's entrance rate.

If the retail district in which the retail outlet is located lacks popularity, the rate of entering the restaurant is insufficient. If the activities are all aimed at increasing the transaction rate and sales performance, and they do not consider increasing the customer's access to the restaurant, even if there are more sales skills and discounts, There is no customer to enter the store, the transaction depends on what to achieve?

6, self-paralysis, comforting yourself with the coldness of the peer business

Ah Q spirit, this year's environment is not very good, so many people first look at the opposite store, but also occasionally go out to see other areas of the store and found that people's business does not seem to be so good, and my heart is practical, and I feel at night It is very stable!

Second, the great dilemma brought about by wrong thinking

The above six habitual habits of mistakes have brought great difficulties to our physical store friends:

1, AQ style with the flow

It is to change and change every day, learn to learn, and the more you learn, the more confused. In the customer's opinion, your shop is actually no different from other stores, and even the decoration and the shelves are similar, because it is the same advertising company that produces the counter will not be differentiated, only pay attention to the tall.

Why are the same brothers and sisters born to their parents, who are different from each other? Because everyone has his or her own personality, the exterior image, internal structure, and management style of each store are just fine. If you have a high level, you should do a good job. If the level is not high, you should do something real.

2. Changing the "Marketing Collection"

The main feature is the daily specials, free delivery every day, the final result is low gross margins every day, loss, customers will eventually get used to your humble! Now the industry has a very interesting phenomenon. Today, customers receive free gifts from this store and tomorrow they go to other stores to receive gifts. The inherent nature of these phenomena should arouse our thinking. (How to seize and hold onto real consumers)

3, optimize the core competitiveness of stores

In short, “Internet thinking” must be able to infiltrate into physical stores. The most important and the most important one is to pleasing and cater for customers, focusing on the “interaction” with customers, and integrating the Internet technology to gradually optimize the physical store. Become a "digital store."

1. Store positioning: "Three major elements" of retail stores

Compare with electricity supplier. We must be good at using the advantages of "experience" and "services" in physical stores. The repositioning of physical stores is based on the principle of “selling good” products, mainly by fulfilling and adhering to three major factors: one is professionalism, one is experience, and the other is service!

In the future, if we want to survive in physical stores, we must use Internet thinking to optimize ourselves and use “professional, experience, and service” as our core genes to improve the ability of physical stores and hospitals and e-commerce to divert customers and share markets. !

2, adjust the category: reflect professional and fashion

How can a snack shop differentiate itself from other channels through category and display?

This will require more fashion and trend categories in the Nishiki District, the storefront entrance, and opposite the cash register. Because now 85 after 90 has become a major group of consumers. The proper introduction and display of these fashion items is not only Can attract some young people into the store, but also reflect the nature of stores and other channels are different: more stylish, more professional!

3, smart transformation: digital stores are the future trend

The change of the Internet will also change our business store and operating model.

The rapid spread of the mobile Internet and the large number of applications of smart phones have brought tremendous industrial opportunities for the integration of mobile Internet users and our offline stores. It can even be said that the successful integration of physical stores with mobile Internet customers will be of the PC Internet. The electricity supplier has caused great impact.

In the future, the ultimate model of the shop is to use the mobile internet to gradually optimize the physical store into a “digital store” with “entity+intelligence” as a whole, and finally realize the omni-channel O2O business based on mobile internet. mode.

In the past, we planned to teach everyone that the layout of the business model was a physical store version. Now it is necessary to optimize some of the in-store decoration items in the store to make it a “digital shop”.

For example, in the right location of the store, digital shelves, smart TVs, digital displays that are seamlessly linked to the Internet, product demonstrations and branding for click-to-play products, and mobile and free-to-use WiFi, membership access, etc. Mobile phone client APP, online stores, micro-stores, and social media platforms such as Weibo, Momo, etc., realize the 24-hour "anytime, anywhere, and heart" seamless link to customers online and offline.

4. Customer Communication: Establishing Internet Self-Media Platform

In order to successfully implement the marketing of “Digital Stores”, stores must attach importance to establishing their own self-media platforms and combine the various social media mentioned above into a self-media promotion and promotion platform for the Internet to realize the Customer's low-cost accurate marketing, large-scale expansion of customers and guest and interactive member management.

5, staff management: let employees participate in

As the saying goes: How do you deal with employees in the background and how front desk employees treat customers!

Nowadays, the target of employment in retail stores is basically a new-generation group dominated by the post-90 generation. This generation dislikes the “teaching” paternalistic management and does not like rigid and single jobs, and lacks the hardships of 60’s and 70’s. Spiritually, even if wage incentives are used, the effect will not be the previous generation of employees.

However, after the 90 employees have their own independent aesthetic, like to be self-centered, more sensitive to the perception of the tide and fashion, more expressive personality, in order to create the store's fashion and personalization, in fact, compared to the 60 after the 70 employees It has more advantages and is better at using the new Internet tools to communicate with others and interact with customers.

Therefore, in terms of management, we must be good at integrating the advantages of this generation, allowing them to participate, adopting “interactive” goals and performance management, and building a young team that will perform powerfully and at the same time as a happy work!

With this kind of management and team protection, customers and stores can realize mutual appreciation and enjoy each other, and stores can only play a leading role for customers.

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