How to Install Third-Party Applications for U.S. M BOX Boxes

Beautiful M BOX Box Installs Sofa Butler Through U Disk

Installation steps: download the sofa butler installation file to the U disk - U disk connected to the beauty of the M BOX box - install the package management into the U disk to install

1. Download the sofa butler : , copy it into U disk, then connect the U disk to the MBOX box of the United States;

2, enter the beauty of the M BOX box interface, open the "installation package management"

3, find the sofa butler package, and press the remote confirmation button

4, wait two minutes, wait for the installation to complete


Special reminder: Before installing any third-party software, make sure that your box's installation permissions are enabled!

The opening method is as follows:

Enter the "Universal Settings" in Settings and select "Security" in "Advanced Settings". There is a "Device Management" and "Allow installation of applications from unknown sources" to be ticked!

The above tutorial applies to the MBOX box and its similar models.

If you have any questions, welcome to join the official QQ group of the sofa to discuss: 397262827

After the sofa butler is installed, you can quickly and safely install all kinds of video, games, and music applications. Live TV recommendations HDP, movies on demand recommended pudding video

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Smart TV box recommended to install the sofa butler, download address:
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