Processing of sensor output signals in data acquisition and monitoring systems

SCADA System Overview

The SCADA system is a computer-based production process control and dispatch automation system. It can monitor and control the running equipment in the field to realize various functions such as data acquisition, equipment control, measurement, parameter adjustment and various signal alarms.

Due to the different requirements of SCADA in various application areas, the development of SCADA systems in different application areas is not exactly the same.

In the power system, the SCADA system is the most widely used and the technology development is the most mature. As one of the most important subsystems of the energy management system (EMS system), it has the advantages of complete information, improved efficiency, correct control of system operation status, accelerated decision-making, and can help to quickly diagnose system fault status. Missing tools. It plays an irreplaceable role in improving the reliability, safety and economic benefits of power grid operation, reducing the burden on dispatchers, realizing automation and modernization of power dispatching, and improving the efficiency and level of dispatching.

SCADA has been applied to the railway electrification telecontrol system earlier, which plays a great role in ensuring the safe and reliable power supply of the electrified railway and improving the dispatching management level of the railway transportation. In the development process of railway electrified SCADA system, with the development of computer, there are different products in different periods. At the same time, China has also introduced a large number of SCADA products and equipment from abroad, which have driven the railway electrification telecontrol system to a higher level. Goal development.

Data Acquisition and Monitoring Control System (SCADA), various types of sensor signal isolation, amplification, conversion IC selection reference

To realize various functions such as data acquisition, equipment control, measurement, parameter adjustment and various signal alarms, SCADA system must collect the signals induced by sensors such as pressure, temperature, humidity, flow, speed, liquid level and displacement. , isolation conversion processing. Different sensors have different function selection and matching for isolation amplifier products due to differences in working mode, power distribution, and output signal type.

On-site various types of sensor signal isolation amplification, transformation application examples:

1, security

In order to ensure the safety of people and equipment, when installing, repairing, or replacing this series of products, be sure to completely shut down the equipment and cut off the power. In order to avoid the control system out of control due to the wrong signal, the accident will cause harm to the safety of people and equipment.

Typical application scheme for ISO series isolation amplifier on-site safety protection:

Application plan

2, SCADA system built-in RS485 communication interface in power, rail transit equipment, anti-surge, anti-static, high isolation module power supply selection

Model: WRF0505H-1W/2W VD050512H-2W

Description: VD / WRF series module power supply is a national patent product with high electrical isolation and anti-surge and anti-static characteristics, and the output has self-recovery overload and short circuit protection (national patent number: ZL 200420042857.1). Recently, the product passed the high-isolation/resistance in the related technical inspection of RS485/RS232 interface safety high isolation (4500V) and anti-static (outside terminal direct contact: 8000V) in the power load management control terminal (user management terminal). Surge / anti-static test. It has been widely used in the power instrumentation manufacturing industry.

VD / WRF series DC-DC isolation module power supply, fabricated by ceramic substrate, printed resistor reliability technology, can meet industrial grade vibration, humidity, static interference, wide temperature (-45-+85 °C) and other harsh environments work. Products are available in SIP single-column and DIP dual-column packages. Main application areas: grounding interference suppression of electrical equipment, external connection of instrumentation (RS485/RS232/RS422/USB/IEEE1394 and other communication interfaces) Port power isolation and conversion, safe high isolation/anti-wave of exposed metal parts of instrument housing interface terminals Surge / anti-static isolation (national safety standards: 8KV or more).

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