Philips launches 16 million color LivingColors LED lights

If you think that mood lighting is just to adjust the light and shade of the lights, then Philips' latest LivingColors LED lights will surprise you. This 16 million-coloured luminaire allows you to subtly evoke the feeling of a lazy weekend, the gray-filled home, the date of the date, and the atmosphere of the party... you will be able to The color wheel creates the light color that best suits the mood of the moment.

LivingColors luminaires contain four LEDs that can be combined to match 16 million colors by combining the brightness and color of the four LEDs.
LED Lights LivingColors
If you feel a little hard to grasp, you can also choose a mini version of the 256 colors. The luminaire looks like a jellyfish with a hard, translucent outer casing. Since the lamp emits almost no heat, it is suitable for long-term continuous use.
LivingColors LED Lights

The price of this luminaire is still relatively expensive. The full version of LivingColors is priced at $234 and the mini version is $125. But Philips said that if it is used for about 1.5 hours a day, the life of the luminaire can reach 8 to 10 years.


Do you believe that colors are actually alive: they are fickle, they are agile, they make springs green and green, they make autumn jewel-like blush... If you feel the color in life is lifeless then let Philips LivingColors to change it all!

Imagine how many colors a lamp will have: one? Two? Please don't wake up in your mind the memory of so-called discolored lamps that should be thrown into the garbage. They are ruined mercilessly, because in the face of LivingColors' 16 million colors, they are as boring as the 80-year-old skin. With advanced LED lighting technology, LivingColors is free to transform steplessly in these 16 million colors – just like a flowing color, you will feel the vitality of it. Moreover, you can easily nest in the sofa, and you can use the remote control to complete this transformation with your thumb!


LivingColors was designed as an oval in the glass envelope, which is nothing bad, it makes LivingColors from a luminaire into a work of art.


LivingColors uses state-of-the-art LED technology with an average power consumption of only 0.5 to 5.5 watts and is extremely durable. The remote control can switch colors and adjust white balance, light and dark. A remote control can control 6 LivingColors!

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