Analysis of the development trend of LED dimming field

It is understood that many traditional dimming solutions on the market currently encounter problems with unsmooth dimming performance. When you adjust to a brightness segment, you will find that you will be down again, and the light will suddenly become very bright and brighten.
The core part of the source is the IC and the transformer. The quality of the transformer is mainly in its material, and the starting voltage of the mainstream dimming IC on the market must reach 16V or more, and the voltage at which the IC stops working is at least 9-10V, and the working voltage of the MCU dimming product can be designed. At 5V. If the LED supply voltage is low, the voltage of the IC is insufficient. At this time, there will be a problem of flicker, and the shortage of the IC voltage will also result in lack of stability of the entire system. Therefore, choosing a lower operating voltage such as 5V, which uses a wider voltage range, is the biggest advantage. In addition to low operating voltage, this MCU dimming solution can also be equipped with some peripheral circuits. Since the thyristor dimmer requires a holding current, it is necessary to match the dummy load circuit to achieve this holding current on the peripheral circuit.
At present, the LED driver power industry has a series of cost reduction schemes such as non-isolation scheme, de-energization, high-voltage linear constant current drive scheme, and this series of schemes has its drawbacks. A large degree of DIY makes this program's autonomy selective, and there are many ways to do the dimming solution. The dimming effect of the brand manufacturer's dimming IC has been decided on the IC. For the design engineer. Can not make better dimming effect, and can not reflect the development ability of high-level design engineers. High-level development engineers prefer ICs that can control and change autonomously. They can be optimized better through high-level applications. This solution can be better implemented for various problems. For cured ICs, there is no more. More choices. The cured IC is also called a fool IC, which is like a point-and-shoot camera. Everyone can use it. It doesn't need to be too high. But if you want to take high-quality photos, you need to use a SLR camera. This time you need a high level. The same is true for the application of the photographer.
The certification of LED drive power includes electromagnetic interference (EMC), safety (SAFE), ROHS, energy consumption (Energy Star, ERP) and so on. It can almost be said that the lamps can be certified mainly by the power supply. The core part of LED luminaires to be certified is the LED driver. If the power supply of a luminaire is certified, other components can be structurally matched, so the certification of the whole lamp will not have much problem. At present, many downstream luminaire manufacturers produce their own built-in power supply; second, because the external power supply can be sold as a finished product after passing relevant certification, which will bring tangible value to customers.

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