Samsung releases smart wireless LED lights

Samsung releases smart wireless LED lights
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. launched a smart LED lamp with built-in wireless connectivity at the Light & Construction 2014 trade show held in Frankfurt to provide users with a variety of lighting options.
Samsung’s LED smart lights announced this time use the traditional incandescent lamp shape. The light bulb uses the E27 screw, which can be used in most lamps. Through the built-in Bluetooth module, this LED light can get rid of the gateway restrictions, allowing users to more conveniently Adjust lighting to achieve different lighting scenes.
Through the application on the mobile phone side, Samsung Smart LED lights can achieve brightness adjustment, from full brightness to 10% brightness can be selected, and its output color can also be controlled from 2700K to 6500K.
Samsung said that the life of this smart LED lamp can reach 15,000 hours, which means that four hours of lighting can be used every day for 10 years. At present, this smart LED light is only in the state of release, and the specific time to market and price information have not been disclosed.

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