How to correctly use LED underwater lighting

1. The height of the fixture should be appropriate
The ordinary device of the LED underwater light is about 50-100mm below the surface of the water. If it is too deep, it will affect the light effect. If it is too shallow, it will affect the service life due to the severe impact of the falling water.
2, the lamps are evenly distributed
The LED underwater light is set to illuminate a certain target, so it is necessary to set the orientation and the quantity and color of the light according to the height of the target. When there is a strong demand for illumination, it is better if there is no special request. More than a few similar lamps are used, and several high-power lamps are not available. This facilitates the stocking and repair of the luminaire.
3, the cable of the luminaire should have a satisfied load margin
The cross-sectional area of ​​the cable is the condition that the current of the tube is clear. If it is too small, the current is too much loss in the wire, so that the luminous power is greatly reduced; if it is too large, the cost is added. The cross section of the 12V100WLED underwater lamp should be no less than 2.5mm2; the 12V300WLED underwater lamp should not be Less than 6mm2. Also, the cable ends are not allowed to be directly connected in the water.
4, the orientation of the transformer should be reasonable
The orientation of the transformer is directly related to the cable length of the LED underwater light and the brightness of the luminaire. Generally, it should be as close as possible to the pool side, shorten the cable length and reduce the voltage loss. The transformer should also be installed in a rainproof electrical box, or under a lounge chair, or in a concealed area where small items are built.
5, the output voltage of the transformer should be appropriate
For a safety LED underwater light, it is necessary to supply a 12V input voltage, which is done by a transformer. Although the transformer output 12V voltage, but the voltage at the lamp end will be lower than 12V due to wire loss, the brightness of the light will drop significantly. Therefore, according to the length of the wire, think about its loss, improve the output voltage of the transformer to ensure the 12V input voltage of the lamp end, and also plead for the cable length of the LED underwater light on the same transformer to be common, so that the brightness of the light between the lamps adheres to uniformity. .
6, the input voltage should be stable
The shaking of the actual input voltage also directly affects the lifespan and luminescence of the luminaire. According to theoretical calculations and experiments, when the input voltage is too high, the extra voltage is 5%, the lifespan will be shortened by 50% of the drawn value. When the upper limit is 10%, the life is only 30% of the drawn value. At this moment, the brightness is increased. , but the luminous power is only added 20%. Conversely, if the input voltage is 5% lower, the lifetime is simply doubled, and the luminous power is only lost by 15%. Therefore, some operating units are under the weight of gains and losses, rather than the use of buck.
7, the total load of the lighting power supply should adhere to the three-phase balance
Ordinary selection transformers are single-phase 220V input voltage, so when the transformer is connected to the power supply, the power of several transformers should be evenly distributed on the three-phase to prevent electrical problems caused by three-phase imbalance.

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