Home appliance subsidy policy released in October, Taiwan LED factory actively stocking

Less than four months after the end of the round of home appliance energy conservation subsidy policy, the industry has already begun to introduce a new round of home appliance support policies. There are indications that China's new round of home appliance subsidy policy will be released in October.

According to the news, the six major power plants in mainland China have informed the Taiwan LED factory to actively stock up. The subsidy is mainly based on the large and medium-sized LED TV. The LED factory has seen an urgent order in September. Taiwan Jingdian, Yiguang, Ronda, Dongbei And Yi Quan and so on benefit the most.

Zhang Shixian, deputy general manager of Jingyuan Optoelectronics, which has the highest market share of LED TV backlights, said that he has received orders from customers to stock up, mainly because mainland customers have revealed that government subsidies will be carried out, and TV demand in the fourth quarter should be Not bad. In September, Jingdian sniffed up the demand, and some customers placed orders in advance, so that the revenue of Crystal Power in September is expected to be better than August.

Wu Qinghui, chairman of Dongbei Optoelectronics, confirmed that the notice from the mainland panel factory should be actively prepared, and should not be caught off guard. At present, the news from customers is that a new wave of energy-saving appliances subsidies will start on October 1.

For the main products used in TV and tablet backlights, Dongbei, in the third quarter, suffered from the subsidy of energy-saving appliances subsidies, shipments dropped sharply, with the new wave of subsidies starting, plus tablet computers have new machines Launched, "Dongbei's fourth quarter revenue will have at least two-digit growth."

The director of Ronda said that the panel factory had an urgent order last week. The company's product manager reported that the LED packaging capacity should be stocked in mid-September. It should be related to the reinstatement of the mainland's home appliance subsidies. The new wave of subsidies is concentrated in the large and medium-sized LED TV. In particular, direct-lit TV, Ronda estimates that the fourth quarter revenue growth rate is more than 10%.

Most LED factories originally estimated zero revenue growth in the third quarter of this year, but there have been rushes from the manufacturers in late September, and the future Q3 operations will be revised.

It is reported that the reference blueprint for this policy is Japan's energy efficiency leader plan. The Chinese version of the home appliance energy-saving leader plan is currently nearing completion, and the relevant rules will be officially announced in October, and the official implementation date will be January 2014.

In the fourth quarter, home appliance enterprises will focus on the centralized declaration of products that meet the requirements. After the completion of the review, next year, China's home appliance market will appear as a product that is labeled as “energy-saving leader”. The state will return the front-runner's subsidies directly to the company rather than the consumer.

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