2013 Gaogong Golden Globe Network real-name voting gate closed on November 5th

[Text / high-tech LED reporter Long Zonghui] Since the start of the 2013 high-tech Golden Globe Awards in May this year, the second phase of the network real-name vote on October 31 perfect ending. As the largest annual awards event in the LED industry, the event was actively participated in the industry.

According to the person in charge of the Organizing Committee of the Golden Globe Awards, as of the 31st online voting, the number of online votes for the three high-tech Golden Globe Awards was the highest ever. Among them, the LED good product selection network voted to attract 13129. LED companies participated in the voting, of which the effective number of votes was 8,963 votes. This year, China's top ten LED lighting brands in circulation and the top ten engineering channels LED lighting brands were selected. There were 8004 online voting companies, of which 7592 were valid votes. Another newly added top 25 Chinese LED lighting distributors selected 1,767 online voting companies, including 1751 valid votes.

This year, the LED lighting industry has finally ushered in its own outbreak period, but the LED lighting market without market access specifications is still mixed, and the price and quality are very different. The launch of the top ten LED lighting brands, a strong breakthrough in a number of emerging LED lighting brands, from the current number of votes, once again proved that the era of LED lighting will change the traditional lighting pattern has arrived.

At the supply chain level, the number of votes for this Golden Globe Award for good product selection basically reflects the impressive achievements of domestic LED brands. For example, the packaging equipment, domestic glue market share and user reputation have been greatly improved. Upgrade. In the fields of chips and devices, the gap between domestic brands and imported brands is rapidly shrinking. The market positions of European and American giants such as PHILIPS LUMILEDS, CREE, OSRAM, and other Taiwanese manufacturers such as Jingyuan Optoelectronics and Everlight Electronics are gradually being replaced by domestic brands.

The era of "the wine is not afraid of the deep alley" has passed. The LED industry should shout out the slogan "I am a good LED product, I speak for myself!", in order to dig out more on the basis of last year's Golden Globe Awards. The excellent LED lighting company, Gaogong LED started at the beginning of this year, through the national LED good product tour demonstration, LED lighting brand channel investment conference and stationed reporters from 29 provinces across the country to visit local enterprises, dealers and engineering channels, design institutes The selection campaign was organized at the doorstep of the company and received extensive attention and active participation from the company and the channel.

The person in charge of the organizing committee said that from November 1st, the 2013 Gaogong Golden Globe Awards selection activity has entered the final stage of voting, and the staff will once again strictly review the validity of each ticket.

According to the plan, the organizing committee will announce the top three finalists in the 30 segments of the LED good product selection on November 5, and the list of the top ten lighting brands and the top 25 dealers nationwide.

I want to know if the "it" we support is short-listed for the on-site voting and awards ceremony of the 2013 Golden Globe Awards on the evening of November 26. Please pay attention to the official website of Gaogong LED.

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