Overall demand for the washing machine market remains weak

Overall demand for the washing machine market remains weak Under the background of the overall adjustment of the appliance industry, the washing machine industry in 2013 seems to be somewhat pessimistic. However, it can be confirmed that, in view of the current level of industry development, companies are more in line with market changes. Both are pushing each other to develop in depth in a stalemate. What kind of change is this more subtle? On September 25th, at the 2013 China Laundry Industry Development Summit Forum (4th) held by the National Information Network Development Department of the National Information Center in conjunction with the National Grid of China in the “Energy Efficiency Transformation, Zhi Jing Youdao”, Casa Imperial , Tedi, Haier, Little Swan, Midea, Sanyo, LG, Panasonic, Siemens, Samsung, Candy, TCL, Rongshida, China and South Korea, Gide, Qi Shuai, Gome and other mainstream brands and channels unveiled collectively, with industry agencies, the country The mainstream media shared and discussed the status quo and future changes of the washing machine industry.

The results of the "2013 White Washing Machine Market in China" published in the same period on the forum analyzed the sales data of washing machines in major cities in China from July 2012 to July 2013. After undergoing a deep adjustment in the "winter season" in 2012, the washing machine market gradually recovered. Sexual growth, but the overall market demand is still weak, with the implementation of new energy efficiency standards, washing machine companies still face many challenges in the future market competition.

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Generally speaking, food processors have the following functions: Blender, Juicer, Filter, Grinder, Mixing, Chopping, Citrus, Dough making, Egg whisk, Slice, Shred, Mash, Frech fries making, etc.

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