Xinyue Photoelectric Zou Yiming talks about white LED: although progress is still a big problem

[Source: "High-tech LED" magazine March issue (total issue 63) Wen | Xinyue Photoelectric General Manager Zou Yiming] The so-called white light is a mixture of multiple colors of light, at least two in the form of white light visible to human eyes Mixed light, such as two-wavelength light PC (blue light + yellow phosphor) or three-wavelength light MCRGB (blue light + green light + red light).

At present, the commercialized product blue light wafer and YAG yellow phosphor are more optimistic in the future for three-wavelength light, inorganic ultraviolet light wafer plus RGB three-primary phosphor, and organic single-layer three-wavelength white LED also has low cost. The advantage of making it easy.

Zou Yiming, General Manager of Xinyue Photoelectric

It is expected that the three-wavelength white LED will have a commercialization opportunity this year. In the future, it will be used in the market of replacing fluorescent lamps, compact energy-saving fluorescent bulbs and LCD backlights, which will greatly help the market growth of white LEDs.

In terms of technology, white LEDs are mainly divided into two kinds of light-emitting methods: the main commercialization method is that Nichia applies a layer of YAG fluorescent material to InGaN blue crystals with a wavelength of 450 nm to 460 nm, and irradiates the fluorescent light with a blue LED. The substance produces yellow light of 555 nm-590 nm wavelength complementary to blue light, and then the complementary yellow and blue light are mixed by the lens principle to obtain the white light required by the naked eye. At present, it is still leading Nichia Chemical in white LED technology and has many patents.

The second is that Sumitomo Electric has also developed a white LED with ZnSe (zinc, selenium) as the material, but the luminous efficiency is poor, but due to the current hot sales of the white LED market, it still presents an unsatisfactory phenomenon.

White LEDs are used in lighting products. With the market demand, the technical parameters of white LEDs are constantly improving.

The high-power white LED Light efficiency was only 70lm/w in 2008. In 2014, the high-power white LED products achieved a luminous efficacy of 150lm/w, and the luminous efficiency increased by 114% compared with 2008.

The lighting color of white LEDs has become more and more colorful with the advancement of technology. The new moon photoelectric white light products have developed in the direction of high brightness and high performance, and have made great achievements in recent years. The light efficiency of COB light source products exceeds 120 lm/w, and the color rendering index (CRI) is greater than 80.

In October 2014, Xinyue Optoelectronics proposed that: COB warm white light source products reach high brightness and high display, while the light source saturated red R9 must be greater than 85. After continuous analysis and experiment, Xinyue photoelectric light source developers successfully completed another item. index.

White light LED light source products have made great progress in recent years and are developing rapidly. At the same time, there are also many problems and defects in the packaging production in the industry. LED light source products are not the phenomenon of so-called homogenization. The stability of products is closely related to the selection of LED white light products. The application effect of white LED products is also the same as the packaging materials.

Since the emergence of LEDs, people have been striving to achieve solid-state light sources. With the continuous advancement of LED LED manufacturing processes and the development and application of new materials (nitride crystals and phosphors), white-emitting LED semiconductor solids have emerged. The performance of the light source is constantly improving and entering the practical stage.

The emergence of white LEDs has enabled high-brightness LED applications to reach the high-efficiency lighting source market. It has been pointed out that high-brightness LEDs will be one of the greatest inventions after humans invented incandescent bulbs.

With the support of the “863” program, the Ministry of Science and Technology first proposed the development of semiconductor lighting plans in June 2003. After a short period of hard work, technicians have independently developed flip-chip blue-chip chips, forming a mature technology for implementing wire-free white LED packaging, and introducing traditional packaged and flip-chip packaged white LED light sources to the international market. Photoelectric integrated lighting products, the future LED white light will continue to develop towards high light efficiency, high color rendering, high life, low price and small volume.

As a national high-tech enterprise specializing in high-power lighting packaging, Xinyue Optoelectronics will continue to forge ahead and actively meet the customer's light source quality requirements, and make cost-effective products and customers develop together.

This year our single imitation lumen series will exceed 15 KK / month, the integrated COB series monthly output will exceed 1.5 million PCS / month, product production yield is greater than 99.99%, delivery completion rate of 100%. Strive to make the development of high-power packaging become the leader of high-power packaging through three to five years of development.

  • [ON" mode: The night light is always on and the mode can be switched.
  • "Auto" mode: The night light lights up when it senses people and the environment is dark. It will go out after no 15S movement.
  • "OFF" mode: night light is off
  • [+" button: The brightness of the night light increases, and the operation method: single point or long press
  • [-" button: The brightness of the night light is reduced, the operation method: single point or long press
  • "â—‹" button:

In "ON" mode:

  • Single point: for mode switching, normal → flashing → colorful → normal...
  • Long press: enter the color selection mode, release the button to retain the current color
In "Auto" mode:
  • Single point: color one button to reach warm white light

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