World's largest TV competition, LeTV uMax120 fifth lowest price

On October 27th, LeTV launched the world's first 3D, 4K Internet smart TV uMax120 at the killer new product launch conference. The 120-inch 3D 4k large screen is priced at 499,000 yuan. All of a sudden shocked everyone, just like Jia Yueting's wish, music as a result of the launch of new products caused a sensation on the Internet, on the 27th, LeTV super TV to occupy the microblogging, on the hot search, 49.99 yuan, and buy a house and other paragraphs make people laugh. LeTV super TV uMax120 left the impression of poor children like Xiao Bian only big and expensive.

But it is worth noting that the world's largest TV is not LeTV uMax120, and the most expensive is not LeTV uMax120. LeTV is rare on 3D, 4K, and Internet TV. The largest and most expensive TVs have other ones. Next, Xiao Bian put together a super-large screen TV in the world, listing prices and sizes, and popularizing knowledge.

Top1: Titan's "Zeus" (Zeus) TV 370 inches is about 10.61 million yuan

According to British media report on June 10th, 2014, British manufacturer Titan showed the world's largest TV, and the audience can experience the immersive feeling. The Zeus TV screen is 370 inches (9.4 meters) long and weighs about 1 ton. It has 65 million pixels, almost the same size as a soccer goal, worth 1.7 million US dollars (about 10.61 million yuan).

Zeus TV has a resolution of 4K ultra clear. If it is put on a public venue to broadcast the world-renowned World Cup events, it will absolutely kill any other TVs and projectors. It is reported that Zeus TV produced only four sets, one of which was sold to a media tycoon in the UK (he is also the only private buyer), one was set up in a hotel in Cannes, France, and the remaining two were still in the official state of Titan. On the website. With such a local standard, who can afford it?

Top2: Ryder Opto LED large-screen TV 288-inch price unknown

It is reported that in July 2013, the listed company Liade Optoelectronics released the world’s largest 288-inch 4K ultra-high-definition LED large-screen TV. The 288-inch ultra-high-definition LED TV is 3.6 meters high, 6.4 meters wide, and 4K resolution. Liya Deguang also introduced 110-inch, 144-inch, 164-inch, and other 5 LED TV products. The mainstream LED backlight LCD TVs in the market have been changed. The LED TV screen released by Liader Optoelectronics consists of self-illuminating LED lights, opening the era of commercial large-screen entry into civilian homes. The price of the TV is unknown, and it has not been listed since the conference. Xiao Bian thinks that there is no market for such a large TV estimate, and nothing is left.

Top3: Porsche Design C'SEED's LED TV 201 inches is about 4.12 million yuan

In early 2013, a monster shocked the television industry. The 201-inch LED TV was designed by German sports car manufacturer Porsche and manufactured by C'SEED in Austria. It took four years to build, and the 201-inch screen was about 5.11 meters. Time-consuming and laborious, the price is naturally high, and its price is 414,000 pounds (about 4.12 million yuan). The giant TV uses more than 725,000 LED lights, can display 4.4 trillion pixels, and equipped with three 700W speakers, the living room of an ordinary house can not be placed, can only be placed outdoors. In addition, the TV has a built-in biometric fingerprint sensor to prevent unauthorized use of the TV.

Top4: Panasonic's 3D Plasma TV TH-152UX1 152 inches is about 3.177 million yuan

In early 2010, Panasonic announced the launch of a 152-inch plasma TV with 4K2K Ultra HD resolution and support for 3D display. Ion TV adopts a newly developed panel. Its luminous efficiency is 4 times that of the original. At the same time, 3D ultra high-speed driving technology is applied, and the 3D effect of Full HD picture quality can be embodied on a 152-inch 8.84 million-pixel screen. The price, of course, will be surprising, the price of 152-inch 3D plasma TV, when the main station said that please prepare more than 500,000 US dollars, or about 3.177 million yuan. It is reported that the plasma TV was also demonstrated at CES 2010 in Las Vegas.

Top5: LeTV's Super TV uMax120 120 inch 45.99 million

This will not repeat the 27th, LeTV held in Beijing, China, "no chemical, not ecological" new product launch, based on the world's original open-closed LeTV ecosystem, officially launched the world's largest 3D, 4K TV - the king of the 120-inch TV uMax120 , price 45,999,000 yuan. An uproar on the internet. According to the data, the length and width dimensions of LeTV uMax120 reach 2715.8mm, 1553.3mm (1604.7mm plus base), and the thickest part is 94.1mm (the thinnest point is 48.25mm). It does not include the weight of the base 182kg (including the weight of the base 219kg).

Top6: Sharp's LCD TV LB-1085 108-inch 700,000 yuan

It is reported that in 2008, Sharp listed the LCD TV LB-1085, 108 inches, a resolution of 1920x1080, can display 760 million colors, the maximum brightness of 400cd/m2, contrast 1200:1, viewing angle 176 degrees, response time 6ms. Built-in 15 watt x 2 speakers. The whole fanless design, power 1130 watts, appearance size 2572x1550x202 mm, weighs about 195 kg. At that time, it became the largest LCD TV in the world at the time and it was the largest LCD screen at that time, but the price was still not scary. The price was about 100,000 US dollars, which was about RMB 700,000.

Top7: Changhong plasma TV 103 inch 680,000 yuan / Panasonic plasma 103,800,000 yuan

In 2007, Changhong's 103-inch FULL-HD full HD plasma TV was very seductive, 1080P HD display, and 4096-level grayscale display was smooth and natural when displaying motion pictures. It can work continuously for 60,000 hours and was known as the most "longevity" TV. In terms of the technology of that year, such a huge TV was produced. At that time, the price of 680,000 yuan was also worthy of this technology.

In 2008, Panasonic introduced the same-size HD plasma TV TH-103PF12C, a high-resolution monitor screen, full-HD plasma display panel with 1920 horizontal pixels and 1080 vertical pixels, which can reproduce clear and detailed images. Panasonic's high-resolution technology enables great visuals on large screens. The body weight was 22KG, which was priced at 880,000 RMB.

Summary: Do you still think that LeTV's 120-inch super TV is very powerful and scary? Nearly 500,000 sales are still relatively people-friendly. Xiao Bian's comparison is mainly measured by the screen size and price. Of course, plasma TVs and LCD TVs are technically not comparable in size and price. However, for most of the public of the technology market, price and size are the standards for measurement. However, such a large and expensive television, such as Xiao Bian ordinary people have to work hard to save money, first consider buying a large house can hold these "jumbo", and then pay for this TV more expensive than the house. Think about it, or just look at it. But I believe that with the constant breakthrough of technology, whether it is plasma TV or LCD TV, the living room market will enter the era of big screen, more and more clear picture quality, large screen will become a reality, of course, the price will be more Close to the people.

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