Taiyuan will start the demonstration project of traffic and landscape LED lights renovation

Recently, the Taiyuan City Energy-saving Energy Work Leading Group released the 2013 Taiyuan Energy-saving Work Implementation Plan: this year, in the city's main road sections, the LED lights renovation demonstration project for traffic lights and landscape lights was launched.

This year, the energy consumption per unit of GDP in Taiyuan City (the energy consumption per 10,000 yuan of GDP) will fall by 3.5%. In order to achieve the above objectives, in the elimination of outdated industries, this year's Taiyuan project involving high energy consumption and high pollution will not be approved and filed.

Mini Speaker:


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 multimedia speaker

multimedia speaker


Q1. What is the MOQ?
XDEC: 2000pcs for one model.
Q2. What is the delivery lead time?
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XDEC: T/T, PayPal, Western Union, Money Gram. 
Q4. Can you offer samples for testing?
XDEC: Yes, we offer free samples. 
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XDEC: We can send samples in 3-5 days.

Mini Speaker

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