Promoting effect of electronic preset competition in the creation of integrated preset practice

In recent electronic design competitions, the topics related to intelligent instruments and controls have gradually increased. Some topics need to be implemented with the CPDA / FPGA system of EDA technology in order to obtain higher design indicators, highlighting the characterization of EDA technology. Characteristics. In order to allow more students to strengthen the application of new technologies, the comprehensive design experiment topics have also been adjusted accordingly, increasing the content and difficulty of these aspects. The teaching method is also mainly to inspire students to analyze and think independently and solve problems independently. Fully mobilize the enthusiasm of students to learn independently and realize their potential. In addition, the technical indicators of some contest questions involve analog circuits, which require the combined use and coordination of analog electronic circuits and digital logic circuits. This is particularly prominent in the selection of analog electronic technologies. The topic of measurement and control is both novel and interesting, reflecting the integration of various technologies in automatic control applications.

For example, in both sessions, there is a car type, but the difficulty and the technical points reflected are different. Due to its interactivity, it attracts a large number of students.

Since the comprehensive design experiment is a group of students facing different levels and needs, how to enable students to actively participate in design and practice requires a good teaching mechanism, which must achieve the cultivation of high-level, high-quality and innovative talents. In order to be able to take into account the improvement of students of different degrees and needs, it requires hierarchical and diverse topics. In the choice of experimental development platform, pay attention to the universality, practicality and real-time.

Because the complexity of electronic systems requires a strong system design concept, it requires the integration of various knowledge in electronic disciplines, and the application of multiple technologies to solve it. It is a comprehensive assessment of the comprehensive quality of students and a reflection of synthesis and innovation. Therefore, it is necessary to emphasize the basics, highlight the key points of knowledge, combine applications and take into account multiple aspects of knowledge, promote students to think about problems from multiple angles, and stimulate students' creativity while improving overall quality.

The competition promotes the preparation and implementation of comprehensive design experimental teaching. It organically combines the content of the competition with the school education reform project, and promotes the comprehensive experimental teaching reform of electronic 1 technology. To study the implementation process of the electronic design competition students ’completion of the competition tasks and the necessary equipment preparation, we have considered and implemented the following aspects.

Basic preparation Basic preparation includes teaching preparation and equipment preparation before the experiment.

The electronic design competition allows you to prepare basic components and small system boards. Most of the participating students are students who have the abilities to learn, and have mastered more knowledge and technology after pre-match training. The comprehensive design experiment is aimed at a variety of different student groups throughout the year, how to prepare for the class (including: specific content arrangement of the teaching materials, class arrangement, personnel combination and topic selection, experimental equipment, teaching methods, methods, etc.) Vital.

Give play to the guiding role of experimental teaching documentation. Comprehensive design experiment teaching involves a wide range of knowledge and technology. It is different from the previous single course experiment teaching. It needs to integrate the knowledge and technology that have been learned and expand new knowledge. In order to correctly enlighten and guide students to design, they must be aware of the optional basic questions and play questions, do a good job of early design debugging, and master the main points and difficulty of various schemes. Combined with the hierarchical needs of students in different situations, the design guidance is based on the three levels of basic, improvement and play, which is convenient for students to understand the various scheme designs and choose the design scheme according to their own circumstances. In addition, for the new technologies and new contents that have not been touched before, the textbook also gives the necessary instructions.

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