March domestic razor market analysis report

March domestic razor market analysis report In March, the pattern of brand awareness in the domestic razor market was very stable. It still maintained the dominance of the Philips family, followed by Feike, and the rest of the brands had intense market competition. Product attention, due to rechargeable power razor relatively environmentally friendly, reusable, so get more than 80% of the attention share. In terms of price segment, the prices of 101-200 yuan this month are more concerned by consumers.

Report Highlights • Brand Focus: Philips continues to lead, with a focus of over 60% this month.

• Product Concern Model: Philips HQ912 re-listed product watch list.

• Power supply system structure: Rechargeable power razors dominate the market, with a focus on 85.6%.

• Product Type Structure: The rotary razor saw a decline this month, at 51.0%.

• Structure of price segment: The price of products of 101-200 yuan this month is most concerned by consumers.

First, the brand attention pattern

• Philips continues to lead, paying attention to a ratio of over 60% In March 2013, the brand awareness of the Chinese razor market was very stable, and all brand rankings remained unchanged. This month, Philips continues to lead the market with 60.9% of the attention ratio, and brand concentration is relatively high. Flyco kept the second runner-up position unchanged. The ratio of attention was 18.8%, which was slightly higher than that in February. The remaining brands have a relatively small proportion of concerns, all below 10.0%, with changes kept within one percentage point.

• Philips’ eight seats in the Product Watch list can be found. The top ten most consumer-focused products this month were swept by Philips and Feike, of which Philips had eight products and Feike had two. The power supply types of these ten products are all rechargeable. The number of cutter heads is three, and some products are double cutter heads. Product prices are relatively different, ranging from 59 yuan to 1896 yuan.

Second, the power system structure

• Rechargeable razors occupy the mainstream of the market From the point of view of different types of power supply systems for razor products, rechargeable power supplies are relatively environmentally friendly and reusable, and it can be seen through the attention of consumers that rechargeable razors have Occupy the mainstream of the market, the proportion of attention this month reached 85.6%, far higher than the dry type 5.1%.

Third, the product type structure

• Concern for the rotary razor fell in the month of March 2013. In China's razor market, the rotary type is still the type of razor most concerned by consumers, but the percentage of concerns this month has declined. 51.0%, a decrease of 7.6% from February. The proportion of floating razors in this month exceeded 30%, reaching 30.3%. In addition, the proportion of attention for reciprocating razors is also about 10%, which is 9.7%. The remaining types of products have a relatively small proportion of concerns.

Fourth, the price segment structure

• The most consumer-focused product of 101-200 yuan In March 2013, China's razor market, the price ratio of 101-200 yuan with 21.7% of the attention rate became the most popular price segment for consumers. The second and third places are the price segments of more than 1,000 yuan and 51-100 yuan respectively, and the proportion of attention is about 20%, respectively 20.5% and 18.4%. The distribution of the attention ratio in the price segment of 200-1000 yuan is relatively average, and it is between 10.0%-12.0%. The proportion of products under 50 yuan is relatively small, only 7.1%.

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