Light bulbs become the most energy-saving potential for low-carbon life reform

How to make life low-carbon, how to create a home environment that is both energy-saving and money-saving, these two questions, in the "model house" of a container restructuring yesterday gave the answer. "Low-carbon equipment" such as wallboards, home appliances, water-saving valves, and water-using devices were installed in this small room for the public to visit and learn. According to the organizer of the event, the organizer of Cool China, for ordinary families. At present, the most energy-efficient and most practical low-carbon retrofit targets are light bulbs and windows.
Yesterday morning, on the square of the No. 1 gate of Huangxing Park, a “low-carbon home” transformed from a container led many citizens to stop and visit. Walking into the small room, the "light tree" on the wall attracted the attention of the reporter. The "tree" consisting of 20 bulbs looks like the same brightness on the left and right sides, but the real-time electrical instruments on both sides give very different data: 10 bulbs using ordinary incandescent lamps consume more than 250 instantaneous energy. Tiles, while the 10 energy-saving bulbs using LEDs consume less than 40 watts.
“Home lighting has a lot of demand for light bulbs. Although each bulb itself has limited energy consumption, it is a big electricity use for the family.” A volunteer from the Cool China project told reporters that compared to the procurement cost. The incandescent lamp has obvious advantages and can be bought for a few dollars. The LED lamp with the same brightness can take more than 20 yuan; but from the perspective of the cost of use, the latter wins, because the incandescent lamp has a service life of only 1000 hours. LEDs and other lifespans can reach 30,000 hours, so after long-term use, not only power saving, but also cheap.
The reporter learned that as part of the activities of the National Development and Reform Commission to promote the formation of a low-carbon development atmosphere in the whole society, the “low-carbon life into the community” tour highlights the key points in the low-carbon transformation of ordinary households. In addition to the light bulb, the window is also an object of great potential for transformation. Experts said that many residential buildings in this city still use single-glazed windows, and even gaps exist between windows and walls, and this situation has become the "threshold" for the house to be warm in winter and cool in summer. Experts from the Shanghai Academy of Building Research told the reporter that in the energy-saving renovation of existing buildings, the heat transfer through the doors and windows accounts for more than 20% of the total energy consumption of the building, even up to 30%, and if it can be used in airtightness and use Layer or multilayer glass

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