LED light source application technology is maturing

LED light source application technology is maturing With the development of LED industry technology, the application of LED lighting in agriculture has also become more mature. It is known that the application of LED in agricultural lighting mainly includes plant production, aquaculture, microalgae cultivation, edible fungus production, etc. At the same time, the innovative development of LED agricultural lighting is also steadily carried out, mainly focused on plant growth lamps, livestock and poultry farm lighting Lights, fish trap lights, selective pest trap lights, etc.

In recent years, the earth's climate and environment have become increasingly deplorable, and the problem of food shortages is imminent. As a large agricultural country, China is facing even greater challenges. How to resist natural disasters and to develop modern agricultural production better and faster requires urgent solution.

It is well known that light is an important environmental factor in plant growth. Changing the wavelength of light, the color of light can even affect the growth cycle of plants. Plant factories have emerged as an effective means of solving food problems, and energy-saving LED light sources have become the first choice for plant factory lighting.

One industry source stated that LED light sources are applied to agricultural plants. “In addition to conventional light sources, LEDs have narrow wavelengths, pure light, high light efficiency, rich wavelength types, and spectral energy, in addition to the well-known energy-saving features. It is easy to modulate and has outstanding advantages such as low heat generation, small size, and long lifespan.

On March 18, 2013, Taiwan’s “Council of Agriculture” Agricultural Research Institute stated that LED insect traps have been developed to utilize the light trapping technology developed by the principle of pest preference for special light waves to achieve “energy saving” and “high trapping. The demand for efficiency is to attract 2500 insects per 10 minutes, which will enhance the safety of barn pest control and solve the problem of pesticide residues, and will be gradually extended to barn pest control.

It can be seen that LED lighting has gradually become the backbone of green production. While agricultural lighting is one of the most promising areas for LED special lighting, there are many possibilities to be opened.

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