Infrared technology products climb: LED infrared technology accounts for

All along, in the construction of security systems, how to solve nighttime monitoring has been plagued by manufacturers and users. Various solutions and technologies have emerged in the industry. Among them, LED infrared cameras are widely used, but the problems in the application process are obvious, such as short irradiation distance, short life, flashlight effect, etc. It affects the use of the monitoring process; and the introduction of array infrared and laser infrared brings a huge technological breakthrough to nighttime monitoring. From 2009, the application of infrared thermal imaging has gradually turned to the field of civil monitoring, for night vision monitoring. Come to a bigger surprise.

Infrared technology for security applications is mainly divided into active infrared and passive infrared, while active infrared applications are mainly based on LED infrared and array infrared and laser infrared.

According to the relevant infrared market survey, the market share of infrared technology products is rising year by year, and is expected to reach 30% in 2010. It can be seen that the demand for infrared technology security products is large. LED infrared, array infrared, laser infrared, and infrared thermal imaging are all available in today's security applications. It is understood that infrared LED technology currently accounts for more than 70% of the orders, array infrared is about 20%, laser infrared is about 10%, infrared thermal imaging technology accounts for a negligible proportion. From these data, it can be seen that a technological development requires a process, and only when the technology meets the requirements and the product has a high cost performance can the market be accelerated.

Array-type infrared can completely replace LED infrared lamps in the future, and has not been fully promoted in the market, not because the technology is not recognized, but the condition that the cost performance is not high. Technological innovation and popularization will take a long time. In the next two years, the share of infrared products will change significantly. It is expected that the market share of LED infrared monitoring products will decline, accounting for about 30%, and array infrared monitoring products will gradually occupy. Half of the rivers and mountains, accounting for about 55%, laser infrared monitoring products are more widely used in special applications, accounting for about 14%, and the infrared thermal imaging market will also form a certain scale, accounting for about 1%.

Infrared technology is constantly updating and improving. Technology improvement and updating are the tasks we will do next. For example, array-based infrared technology has a wider illumination range and a longer distance when equipped with a wide-angle lens. The brightness of the near and far focal lengths as well as the power consumption or volume also need to be improved. In addition, in the long-distance detection of remote distance, there are mainly laser and infrared thermal imaging technologies, although manufacturers have applied these two technologies to one product to complement each other, and third-generation infrared thermal imaging technology in image resolution. The rate and display have improved, but the price is still unbearable in the field of civil security. The innovation and promotion of technology requires price support.

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