Industrial robot loading and unloading

Industrial robots in the loading and unloading industry

In the modern manufacturing industry, high precision, stable quality, and high speed of batch processing are required. It is difficult to increase the level of manufacturing and processing by manual operations. Robots are used for automatic loading and unloading, which is the most widely used robot in the manufacturing industry. One of the mature fields.

Yongxin Cheng solves the problems of processing automation with advanced automation technology, complete system solutions, and flexible automation concepts for robots to meet your needs for mass production.

ER series industrial robots are equipped with hydraulic and pneumatic conveying devices, non-standard grippers, chip-removing devices, and safety protection devices to achieve high-quality, efficient, safe, and orderly processing of the workpiece. It can be applied to automatic loading and unloading industries such as machine tools, injection molding machines, die casting machines, etc. to increase production efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs.

First, product application

The application of automated loading and unloading robots is very extensive, but due to reasons such as the stage of development, the size of batches, and the cost constraints, at present, there are many examples of automated loading and unloading robots used in the automotive industry. Such as car bodies, doors, transmission gears, bearing sleeves (seats), brake discs, engine blocks, cylinder heads, crankshafts, camshafts, connecting rods, stampings, etc. Of course, other industries are currently taking full advantage of robots for automated loading and unloading, such as machinery manufacturing, military industry, aerospace industry and food and drug production.

Second, the typical structure:

Cartesian robots are also called truss robots or gantry robots. It is made up of multi-dimensional linear guides. Linear guides consist of refined aluminum profiles, toothed belts, linear sliding guides or racks and gears. The refined aluminum profile as a moving frame and carrier has its cross-sectional shape optimized by finite element analysis, and its excellence in production ensures its strength and straightness. The bearing bar and the linear slide rail are used as the motion guides. The motion transmission mechanism uses toothed belts, racks or ball screws. Various guide rails have been used in many industries for years of practical and continuous improvement to achieve the world's best in reliability, noise reduction, bearing capacity, maintenance-free, and overall performance.

The Cartesian robot is a multi-purpose manipulator in industrial applications that can realize automatic control, repeatable programming, multi-function, multi-degree of freedom, and a right-angled space between motion freedoms. He can carry objects and operate tools to complete various tasks. Common organic bed cutting robots, palletizing robots, glue (dispensing) robots, detection robots, polishing robots, assembly robots, medical robots, etc.

Third, performance parameters:

Horizontal X axis: Stroke maximum Stroke=100000mm Maximum speed V=10.0m/s Maximum acceleration a=20m/s2.

Horizontal Y-axis: Maximum stroke Stroke = 6000mm Maximum velocity V = 10.0m/s Maximum acceleration a = 20m/s2.

Vertical Z-axis: Maximum stroke Stroke = 6000mm Maximum speed V = 5.0m/s Maximum acceleration a = 10m/s2.

Load weight: 5000kg (If you need more, please contact with our company).

Positioning accuracy: 0.05mm (according to different travel positioning accuracy).

Design specifications

Material body: ABS                        Surface finishing: injected color

Material blade: Stainless steel        Material bowl: SAN

Material jar: Glass or Plastic           Disc storage: Yes

Dishwasher attachments: Yes         Cord storage:Yes






A: Body with chopping bowl                      

B: 1.5 litre Glass Wet Mill attachment                

1.5 litre Plastic Wet Mill attachment               

C: Dry Mill attachment with filter lid                    

D: Citrus juicer                                    

E: Centrifugal juicer                                 

F: Metal twin geared whisk                           

G: 0.5 litre small chopping bowl and blade            

H: Plastic chopping blade                    

Stainless steel chopping blade            

I:  Spatula                                 

J: Plastic holder with Shred Disc, fine & rough Julienne Disc

   Slicer Disc

K. Cubic disc  

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