Architectural lighting design for W Hotel in Taipei

As a deliberately innovative, design-led, modern lifestyle brand and hotel giant, W Hotels has established 39 hotels and resorts in the most dynamic cities and the most affluent outings in the world. Impulsive to the public, leading the trend, creative and extraordinary, W Hotel will bring guests to explore the ultimate experience of the world. Each W hotel combines a series of ingenious creative designs with an insatiable quest for fun, music and entertainment.

W Hotels offers a range of sensory trends, including contemporary point of view restaurants, glamorous nights, trendy 0-sales stores and signature spas, providing guests with a full range of survival essentials. W Hotel's 39th International Hotel, located in the bustling Central Business District of Taipei, has 405 rooms and is one of the outstanding works of London's famous design company GA Design International Ltd. The exterior of the hotel is made of shiny glass. . The 31-storey Taipei W Hotel is the only hotel in the city that offers a panoramic view of the 101 building.

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