6000 yuan computer configuration - October 2010 6000 yuan computer configuration finishing Daquan

The computer configuration listed below is the computer configuration sheet (hereinafter referred to as "6000 yuan computer configuration") between the price of 6000 yuan and 7000 yuan released before October 15, 2010. The computer configuration of 6000 yuan is currently a medium and high-end computer. The price range is configured. Most of the processors are high-end quad-core processors and 1G memory graphics cards. The general application does not use such high-end computer configurations. It mainly meets the requirements of some large games and software. Most of them are positioned as game configurations. Whether it is multi-game or high-definition movies, home theater, etc. can be said to be close to luxury.

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6000 yuan computer configuration < 6000-7000 yuan price area>
>> 6800 yuan mainstream balanced all-round HD i5 760+GTX460 computer configuration 2010-10-09
>> 6000 yuan i7 760 high-end installed configuration recommended
>> 6960 yuan i5 take HD5830 best game type configuration recommended
>> 6000 yuan high-performance quad-core alone significantly swim online game configuration recommended
>> Home computer configuration single -200 yuan mainstream home leisure entertainment home game computer configuration list
>> At the end of July, 6100 yuan students high-end mainstream computer configuration list recommended 2010-08-01
>> 6700 yuan high-end game dedicated high-performance assembly computer configuration recommended 2010-07-31
>> 6600 yuan summer play game computer configuration recommended - StarCraft 2 configuration recommended
>> 6500 yuan smart i5 take P7P55D motherboard and HD5770 constant gold computer configuration list recommended
>> 6700 yuan high cost performance Intel quad-core game model computer configuration list recommended 2010-07-26
>> 6000 yuan Core i5 boutique hardware with computer configuration list
>> 6300 yuan summer game preferred cost-effective computer configuration recommended 2010-07-13
>> 6300 yuan 2010 summer diamond game console computer configuration list
>> 6000 yuan smart diamond man computer configuration list
>> 6000 yuan Blu-ray assembly computer configuration sheet introduction
>> 6000 yuan cheapest diamond computer configuration recommended
>> 6,000 yuan less than the Core i5 diamond processor with DX11 special effects graphics card computer configuration list
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The above is the computer configuration of the 6,000 yuan for the computer Pepsi.com. The more the article is released, the older the article is published. The older the article is due to the time interval, the computer hardware is gradually reducing the price, so the price will drop slightly, please Compare the release time with the current time, or query the price reduction of related hardware. Finally, I hope that computer enthusiasts can find their own satisfactory computer configuration.

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